Vital Sleep ReviewIf you are suffering from the consequences of snoring, you cannot go wrong choosing the VitalSleep Stop Snoring Mouthpiece. Snoring is not a simple sound, have you ever wondered why it was produced in the first place? It is the result of an airway obstruction and this obstruction produces vibrations and lack of oxygen flow. When you snore, your body is actually struggling for oxygen so by using a Mandibular Advancement Device you will get a constant sleep cycle and improve your overall health. Vital Sleep is MAD that goes inside your mouth like any regular mouthpiece. However, regular MADs do not offer an adjustment system for you to position your jaw comfortably. It also allows you to get a perfectly custom fit mouthpiece as it uses the boil and bite method, this means that you have to boil it and bite it to mold it at the comfort of your home, it takes only five minutes or so.

The Vital Sleep Mouthpiece is made of a BPA free material which is very soft so it feels very comfortable while wearing. This mouthpiece also has an air hole in the front that allows the proper flow of oxygen, this is great for mouth breathers and it is not a feature commonly included by regular MADs. It is made in the US and the shipping is fast. Price is fair enough, way cheaper than prescribed mouthpieces and it was cleared by the Federal Drug Administration. Effective and safe, order it right away!