Monthly Archives: June 2017

People with diabetes are well aware of the frustration which comes up with the high cost of the treatments for this disease and, especially, the glucose testings. In fact, a lot of brands are not recommended due to the high cost. However, not everything is lost. There are actually ways in which you can find the cheapest blood glucose test strips in the market.

If you check with insurance, they will help you cover the high prices of the strips if you have a medical prescription. In fact, they may have an agreement with a company which means lower costs for your test strips. Also, you should really check with your glucose meter company. These companies have programs, coupons, and cards which will help you with the cost of the test. Another idea is to ask to your current medical store. They usually have some test strips which are not branded, cheaper and have the same effectiveness as other brands do. 

So, living with diabetes it’s not easy and it is really important that you do everything you can to lower the frustration which comes with this disease. before buying expensive test strips, be sure to look for all of the available possibilities to lower the treatment prices dramatically.